The Benefits of Home Lift Chairs from Pride Mobility

Just because getting in and out of chairs is a little harder for you than it was a few years ago doesn’t mean you should give up your comfort and freedom. Pride Mobility offers exceptional lift chairs for those who want a little bit of assistance getting in and out of chairs, a more comfortable chair, or want a chair they can comfortably sleep in. Check out the benefits of getting a home lift chair from Pride Mobility.

Alleviate Muscle Tightness

With Pride Mobility’s lift chairs, you can say goodbye to muscle tightness. Their heated lift chairs alleviate muscle tension and soreness. Equipped with three heating pads, the Pride Mobility VivaLift! The Radiance Lift Chair is one of a kind. Additionally, the chair’s true infinite positioning makes it easy to relax muscles after a long day. 



Pride Mobility makes comfortable lift chairs, which is important for anyone looking for one. Plenty of people spend hours sitting on their lift chairs and need to make sure they’re getting one they can sit in comfortably. Pride Mobility makes their lift chairs with comfort in mind. Their VivaLift! Radiance Lift Chair has true infinite positioning, three heating pads, a footrest, a backrest, and a headrest. The chair’s toggle remote allows you to take comfort into your own hands. 


Easy to Use 

Most people want a lift chair that’s easy to use. Lift chairs from Pride Mobility are exactly that. Often equipped with a toggle remote, it allows the user to easily move and position the chair. Other times, with the touch of a button, the user can position the chair into one that offers maximum comfort. The best part is that you can program your favorite positions onto the remote so that you can easily get back to the position you love.


Wide Range of Colors

Lift chairs from Pride Mobility don’t have to be bland. They come in a wide range of colors that can fit into virtually any aesthetic. That means you not only get a comfortable lift chair, but you also get a lift chair that looks good in any room. Some of their most popular colors are Walnut, Ocean, and Steel. 


Plenty of Accessories

Pride Mobility’s Lift Chairs come with plenty of convenient and helpful accessories. Some of their most common accessories are:

  • Remote control 
  • Head pillow
  • Lumbar pillow
  • Heat and massage
  • Non-skid foot pads
  • Footrest extensions 
  • Cleaning kit

While these aren’t all of the features that usually come with Pride Mobility lift chairs, all of their chairs have these core accessories. They even have lift chairs with more accessories. All the accessories Pride Mobility incorporates into their lift chairs make it easier to enjoy their lift chairs for many years. 


Find Your Ideal Pride Mobility Lift Chair in MD

Freedom Mobility Solutions stands behind Pride Mobility’s high-quality lift chairs. That’s why we stock them at our Hanover, MD, showroom. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Hanover, MD, showroom or to speak to one of our Certified Assistive Technology Professionals. 

Administrator December 7, 2023
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