The Best Mobility Equipment for Camping and Hiking

When you purchase a mobility scooter or power chair, you can get back to your daily routine— or at least be more active than you’ve been. You don’t need to give up all the things you love, but you might feel like a traditional mobility scooter or power chair is simply not right for camping or hiking. At Freedom Mobility Solutions, we provide customers with the best options for all your favorite outdoor activities. These tips should help you choose the appropriate power chair or scooter for your needs.

Try the “Heavy-Duty” Model

When you’re searching for the best mobility equipment, you should try the “heavy-duty” model if at all possible. The heavy-duty model of most mobility scooters and power chairs has heavier wheels, bigger wheels, a stronger suspension, and more comfortable seat. These chairs may have extra wheels for greater stability, and the footplates are larger to provide more room for movement. 

Plus, the base is generally wider for greater maneuverability, control, and stability. 

Which Armrest is Best?

Choosing the appropriate armrest is important because everyone has different needs. A power chair meant for outdoor activities should have a heavier armrest that prevents bumps and bruises as you bounce over heavy terrain. Plus, you can look for a model with a wider armrest for increased comfort.

Larger and Simpler Controls

Larger and simpler controls are easier to manage when you’re wearing gloves, dealing with rocky terrain, or you’re sweating after a long day outside. Because every chair or scooter is different, you may want to judge the device based on your hand size and current level of motor control.

Contact Freedom Mobility for Heavy-Duty Mobility Options

Contact us today for help with your heavy-duty mobility needs. At Freedom Mobility Solutions, we are happy to work with you and find the best mobility device for your camping or hiking needs. Because we have so many options, we know there is something perfect for every customer that helps you get back to everything you love.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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