The Best Powerchairs for Indoor Use

Electric wheelchairs are a great mobility device for people from all walks of life. They’re easy to maneuver and help users gain a sense of independence. Thanks to the advancements in science and technology, powerchairs have improved and can be a great tool for getting around indoors. Take a look at some of the best power chairs for indoor use. 

Whill Ci 2

This powerchair combines the benefits of an electric wheelchair with the portability of a manual unit. You can manage the device remotely, bring it to you, and even store it while you’re seated elsewhere. You can use a controller on either the left or right side of the chair, depending on your needs, and it disassembles quickly for storage and transport. 

The 29.9” turning radius makes it easy to handle tight spaces, and the heavy-duty wheels help you move over obstacles up to two inches tall. You can even handle 10-degree inclines.

Pride Jazzy Air 2

When you purchase the Pride Jazzy Air 2, you receive a chair that is both short and narrow. You can move up to 4 mph, ride up to 19.2 miles, and enjoy a 5-year warranty on the frame along with a 13-month warranty on the electronics. A tight turning radius of 24.25” makes it even easier to turn around indoors so that you never feel stuck.

Pride Jazzy Select 6

The Jazzy Select 6 offers a better ride with the active-trac suspension and redesigned foot panel. You can ride up to 15 miles on a charge, take a 21.88” turn, and a comfortable seat. With six wheels on the ground, you have more traction, and you can easily surmount small obstacles in your path such as the curb, a door threshold, or slight inclines.

Golden Compass Sport

The Cirrus Plus EC Power Wheelchair is lightweight and has a carbon steel frame. It’s foldable and easy to transport. It has freewheel capability so the chair can be pushed manually. The chair has a programmable controller and a storage pouch with velcro flaps. Lightweight and maneuverable, it’s perfect for indoor use.

Golden LiteRider Envy

This is an ideal powerchair for users living in condos and apartments. It’s great at maneuvering through tight spaces and can disassemble into four lightweight parts that can fit into virtually any vehicle. With its 26” turning radius, users can easily maneuver through tight bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and more. This powerchair also has a basket underneath the seat and a pocket on the back of the seat for added storage.

Need Help Deciding?

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Administrator December 7, 2023
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