The Best Powerchairs for Outdoor Use

For those suffering from mobility problems, going outdoors may seem like a hassle. Walking sticks, canes, and manual wheelchairs are too demanding to use in most cases — you need a mobility device that can transport you with ease. That’s why people across Maryland choose powerchairs. Our best powerchairs are both durable and ideal for outdoor usage:

Whill A

This extraordinary powerchair has four-wheel drive with Omni technology, something that distinguishes this device from the others. The Whill A has a sleek profile with unique wheel designs. In the front, the powerchair has 24 small wheels positioned in all directions. Because of its unique wheel design, the Whill A is built to tackle nearly any terrain. 

Jazzy Select

The Jazzy Select powerchair is a mid-wheel drive unit. It has a tight turning radius and effortlessly absorbs shock. At any given time, this powerchair has six wheels on the ground, making it one of the most stable powerchairs on the market. Users can expect up to 19.4 miles per charge, making it a perfect choice for outdoor activities. 

Jazzy Select 6

This powerchair offers maximum front stability and in-line motor technology. Its Active-Trac Suspension and six wheels on the ground make it an ideal powerchair for indoor and outdoor use. The device has an impressive selection of standard features that is very simple to operate. Lastly, the chair’s mid-wheel drive setup allows for one of the tightest turning radiuses in its class. 

Compass Sport

The Golden Compass Sport powerchair comes standard with the new Dynamic Linx controller. Its electronics control the speed of the motors, so the chair behaves exactly as the user wants. Its unique technology makes it easy for the user to operate regardless of the terrain by constantly making small adjustments. This is an ideal powerchair for users who are always on the go and need a chair that can keep up. 

Get One From a MD Wheelchair Rental Store

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Administrator December 7, 2023
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