The Best Uses for Grab Bars in the Home

Bathrooms are tough places to navigate at any age. They are oftentimes wet, slippery, and are relatively small compared to other rooms in the house. As we get older, it does get a little bit harder to navigate through the bathroom; this is why installing grab bars can be a literal lifesaver. Check out the best uses for grab bars in the home.

Getting Out of the Tub

If you enjoy taking relaxing baths but have found it increasingly difficult to get in and out of the tub, installing grab bars on the inside and the outside of the tub can help with that. Installing the bar on the outside of the tub will help you when you are trying to get yourself into the tub, while a grab bar installed inside the tub will help with getting out of the tub. Before installing shower grab bars, be sure to take note of where you naturally place your hands for support. This is where a grab bar should be placed.

Using the Toilet

Installing grab bars near the toilet is another great place to install grab bars. Most toilets require you to sit low to reach the bowl, and this can be difficult to do at an older age. That is why installing diagonal grab bars near the toilet is a good idea. You can use them to help lower yourself onto the toilet bowl and you can use it to assist you getting up from the toilet. Diagonal bars work best here because they line up better with your wrists’ natural position as you sit down and stand up.

Walking Around the Bathroom

As stated before, navigating the bathroom, in general, can be difficult. Installing grab bars along the walls of your bathroom can help you navigate it better. Do you find yourself leaning on the walls for support? Are there spaces in your bathroom you find it particularly hard to navigate through? Placing grab bars in these places can help!

Where Can You Find Grab Bars?

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Administrator December 7, 2023
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