The Dangers of a Poorly Fitted Wheelchair

Whether you will only be temporarily using your wheelchair or if it is a permanent part of your life, you need a chair that is fitted for you. There’s nothing worse than sitting in an uncomfortable chair, that’s why it’s so important to have a chair that is fitted for you.

The best way to ensure you have a personally fitted wheelchair is to visit a Maryland wheelchair store. Here at Freedom Mobility, we have assisted countless Marylanders with their wheelchairs and have helped ensure they always fit them. We wanted to take some time today to talk about why it’s so important to have a fitted wheelchair and the dangers that poorly fitted mobility equipment can cause.

What to Look for in a Wheelchair

There are a number of things you want to look for when picking out your wheelchair, the color, what type you want, manual or motorized, etc. But there are also a number of health-related features that you should consider, all relating to your chair’s fit. Having the proper fit can affect:

  • Posture
  • Breathing
  • Hip Problems
  • Pelvic Issues
  • General Discomfort
  • Pressure Ulcers and Sores

Which Wheelchair is Right For Me?

At our Maryland wheelchair store we carry a great number of different wheelchair models. There is no “right” chair but there is a “right for you” chair. Each chair has different features and different strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a couple questions you should consider when visiting our Maryland wheelchair store:

Where will you be using the wheelchair? What kind of terrain?

How much time a day will be spent in your chair?

How will you be planning on moving your chair from place to place?

What kind of activities would you like to do?

Get the Proper Fit

When you’re looking at all of our wheelchairs, the best way to find a good fit is to actually sit down. You’ll want to note both seat width and seat depth. It should be wide enough to accommodate your hips and should be two inches away from the back of your knee to avoid blood vessel constriction. The height of the chair should allow for your feet to reach the floor and the back of the chair should be tall enough to support your whole back. These are just a couple of things to consider, the best way to find the right fitted chair is to work with one of our specialists in our Maryland wheelchair store.

Work With an Experienced Maryland Wheelchair Provider

We’ve worked with and helped out numerous people over the years, and they have always left our Maryland wheelchair store smiling and comfortable. If you’re having trouble finding the right wheelchair for you, then let us help. Contact us or visit our showroom today!

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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