Top Mobility Scooter Brands to Choose From

No matter what you are shopping for, you probably pay attention to the brand of this item, especially if it’s something expensive. But when it comes to a mobility scooter, most people have no idea what the good and reliable brands are. At our Maryland scooter store, we get asked to provide information or recommendations about different scooter brands all the time. So we’ve put together this short list based on our own experience. These are scooter brands we have personally worked with, saw in action and would choose in a heartbeat.

Drive Medical Mobility Scooters

Drive Medical is one of the largest distributors of mobility equipment in the U.S. They’ve been around for over 15 years and during that time the quality and assortment of their products has improved dramatically. Currently, Drive Medical carries three different types of scooters. The travel series features mobility scooters that are lightweight and easy to disassemble if they need to be placed in a car or plane. The mod-size series offers a more sturdier and more comfortable scooter that still have a rather small footprint. The executive series consists of heavy-duty scooters designed for optimal comfort and durability. A few Drive Medical Scooters to consider:

  • New Cobra GT4 heavy duty scooter with a full-sized seat and plenty of leg room.
  • Compact and comfortable Ventura 3-wheel scooter with anti-tip wheels and a roomy front basket.
  • Light and portable Phoenix HD scooter comes in 3-wheel and 4-wheel configurations and is easy to take apart for travel purposes.

Golden Technologies Mobility Scooters

Golden Technologies is a family-owned and operated company that proudly makes scooters right here in the U.S. They also have several lines of scooters, including the Buzzaraound compact scooter series, LiteRider mid-sized portable scooter series, Companion full-size scooter series and heavy-duty scooters. A few Golden Technologies scooters to consider:

  • Compact and portable Buzzaround Lite scooter with the easy 3-step disassembly process and up to 250 lb. weight capacity.
  • 4-wheel LightRider scooter with a 360-degree swivel mechanism, 5 mph top speed and operating range of up to 9.5 miles.
  • 3-wheel mid-size Companion scooter with enhanced tiller design, washable floor mat and a padded seat with adjustable armrests.
  • Durable and stylish Avenger scooter with outdoor ruggedness, extra roomy seat and bumper guard protection.

Pride Mobility Scooters

Pride Mobility is headquartered in Pennsylvania, but supplies mobility equipment all throughout the United States, as well as to other parts of the world, including Australia and New Zealand. Pride Mobility offers a variety of scooters that meet any set of requirements from indoor maneuverability and easy portability to increased weight capacity and maximum outdoor performance. A few Pride Mobility Scooters to consider:

  • Victory 10 series scooters with “feather touch disassembly” and non-scuffing, low-profile tires perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • 4-wheel Pursuit scooter with large 13-inch tires ready to tackle any kind of terrain.
  • Portable Go-Go folding scooter with a unique folding design that allows for easy transport and saves space.

You can find and test-drive many of these scooters in our mobility showroom in Hanover, MD. And if you like something we don’t have in stock, we’ll be happy to order that model for you directly from the distributor! Feel free to contact us with any questions about mobility scooters!

Administrator December 7, 2023
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