Why We Only Work with Top Vendors for Mobility and Health Care Needs

No one wants to go through a loss of mobility, but sometimes life has other plans. At Freedom Mobility Solutions, we take a lot of pride in the work we do and have helped thousands of Marylanders regain their mobility. We only work with the highest quality vendors, which means we only offer the highest quality mobility equipment.

Safety Matters

People who need to use a piece of mobility equipment rely on that equipment, and if it fails or breaks, they could be up the river without a paddle. This is the main reason why we only carry the most reliable and trustworthy brands. We’ve heard horror stories of cheap canes breaking and cheap wheelchair brakes failing, experiences we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies, let alone our customers.

Durability is Important

Right after safety, durability is the next most important attribute to look for in a mobility equipment brand. Firstly, any piece of equipment that lacks durability is a potential safety hazard. Secondly, your equipment is an investment, one you want to last. If you anticipate you’ll be experiencing your mobility issues for some time or permanently, this is all the more important.

Some Brands We Carry

This list isn’t comprehensive. We carry many top brands, but here are some of the mobility equipment brands our customers like the best:

  • Carex
  • Contour
  • Drive
  • Evolution Technologies
  • Grip Solutions
  • Max Mobility, LLC
  • Moen
  • Rose Health Care
  • Therafin
  • Tuffcare
  • Whill, Inc.

Consult with a Professional Mobility Expert

If you’re looking for some mobility equipment, you’ve come to the right place. At Freedom Mobility, we’ve been assisting Marylanders with all of their mobility needs for many years and hope to continue doing so far into the future. Get into contact with us or stop by our showroom today.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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