Vehicle Lifts for Greater Mobility

An estimated 13.4 million American adults have travel-limiting disabilities. Of those 13.4 million adults, over half of them use some type of medical device like a wheelchair or scooter for greater mobility. For those living with a travel-limiting disability, a vehicle lift can make traveling much easier. Take a look at all the benefits of getting a vehicle lift.  

Easily Transport Devices 

When you rely on a wheelchair or scooter to get around, you want to make sure that you can bring it wherever you go. Sometimes it can be difficult to load a scooter or a wheelchair into a vehicle. But with a vehicle lift, you can carry your medical device on the back of your vehicle. It doesn’t take much to load a medical device onto a vehicle lift, so you or your loved one can transport it virtually anywhere.  

Efficient Size-Lift Capacity Ratio 

Modern vehicle lifts can handle more weight and take up less space than vehicle lifts in the past. Therefore, you have more options when it comes to transporting a wheelchair or scooter. Those who use an electric wheelchair or scooter can rest assured that their vehicle lift can support its weight as it is hauled through the streets. The best part is that a vehicle lift doesn’t have to be large or bulky to be able to support large amounts of weight.  

Saved Time 

How often have you found yourself wrestling with your wheelchair or scooter for it to fit into your vehicle? Save time and hassle by getting a vehicle lift. With a vehicle lift, all you need to do is upload the device onto the platform and strap it down. Many lifts operate by a handheld control, on-lift control, or remote control. So once it’s on the platform, a simple button will raise the device up off the ground. 

Easy to Install 

If you’re concerned about installing a vehicle lift onto your vehicle, don’t worry. They’re easy to install. Most vehicle lifts require little to no modification to your vehicle, and they’re easy to remove. If you are uncomfortable installing the vehicle lift onto your car by yourself, have a professional from a MD mobility store help you. 

Find Your Ideal Vehicle Lift 

Ready to expand your world and get a vehicle lift? Look no further than Freedom Mobility Solutions. We’re here to help you find your ideal vehicle lift and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today at (443) 214-3305 to speak to an expert. 

Administrator December 7, 2023
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