Vehicle Lifts for Vans

Vehicle lifts for vans have revolutionized transportation for individuals with mobility impairments. These devices offer a wide range of benefits, including increased accessibility, enhanced independence, and cost-effectiveness. Let’s delve deeper into the world of vehicle lifts for vans, explore various types of vehicle lifts for vans, their advantages, and how they have transformed the lives of many.

Types of Vehicle Lifts for Vans

Platform Lifts: Platform lifts are the most popular type of vehicle lifts used in vans. These lifts feature a sturdy metal platform that can be raised and lowered using hydraulic or electric power. Platform lifts can be installed on either the rear or side of the van, and they are designed to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. They provide a stable surface for safe and easy entry and exit from the vehicle.


Hoist Lifts: Hoist lifts, also known as crane lifts, utilize a lifting arm to hoist the wheelchair or scooter into the van. These lifts are generally less expensive than platform lifts and require less space. They are particularly suitable for vans with limited interior space. However, hoist lifts require more physical effort and may not be as user-friendly for some individuals.


Swing Lifts: Swing lifts are another type of vehicle lift commonly used for vans. Installed on the side of the van, swing lifts allow the wheelchair or scooter to be swung into the vehicle. They require less space than hoist lifts and provide easy access to the van’s interior. However, they may require some maneuvering to position the lift correctly.


Benefits of Vehicle Lifts for Vans:

Increased Accessibility

Vehicle lifts for vans significantly improve accessibility for individuals with mobility impairments. They eliminate the need for transferring from a wheelchair or scooter into a car seat, reducing the risk of falls or injuries. With a vehicle lift, users can enter and exit the van with ease, promoting a greater sense of freedom and inclusivity.


Enhanced Independence

One of the most significant advantages of vehicle lifts for vans is the enhanced independence they provide. Individuals with mobility impairments can confidently travel alone or with minimal assistance, as they do not have to rely on others for assistance in accessing the van. This increased independence boosts self-esteem and improves overall quality of life.



Vehicle lifts for vans offer a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new van specifically designed for wheelchair accessibility. Retrofitting a van with a lift is often more affordable than investing in a new vehicle. Additionally, when compared to other accessible transportation options, such as wheelchair-accessible taxis, owning a van with a lift can lead to long-term cost savings.


Vehicle Lifts from Freedom Mobility Solutions

When you want a vehicle lift that can increase accessibility, enhance independence, and is cost-effective, look no further than Freedom Mobility Solutions; we have a variety of vehicle lifts that are sure to fit your needs. 


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Administrator December 7, 2023
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