Vertical Platform Lifts

Come and Go with Ease

The Vertical Platform Lift, or VPL for short, is the perfect solution to add safe access for difficult pathways, porches, or platforms making your existing environment more accessible. Freedom Mobility Solutions offers two of the best vertical platform lifts on the market today that creates easy access to your residential or commercial properties.  

A VPL requires a concrete pad prior to installation.
If no concrete pad exists, then a contractor will need to create one prior to our installation (keep in mind the time it may take for concrete to dry, you may need to ask contractor). You may use an existing concrete pad if approved by Freedom Mobility Solutions VPL specialist and is at least 5ft Long x 8ft Wide x 4in Deep.

There are two ways to get measured for your Vertical Platform Lift. You can schedule an evaluation by our VPL Specialist to come to your home or you can fill out the form below to receive a quote faster. 

Located in Hanover, Maryland, we proudly provide superior mobility solutions to customers from Glen Burnie, Towson, Rockville, Annapolis, Owings Mills and throughout Central Maryland, DMV, and NOVA.

Administrator November 3, 2023
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