We are an Authorized Pride Mobility Lift Chair Dealer

Freedom Mobility takes pride in our ability to sell and rent a variety of mobility products. Our goal is to keep you moving, and that’s why we partner with some of the best mobility brands in the market to sell state-of-the-art mobility solutions. One brand we’re proud to include in our Hanover, MD mobility store is Pride Mobility. We are an authorized Pride Mobility Lift Chair dealer, and here’s what you need to know about the brand. 

Who is Pride Mobility?

Pride Mobility is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of mobility products. They have a variety of products, including wheelchairs, scooters, and reclining lift chairs. Founded in Pennsylvania, the company has operations throughout the United States and overseas. Pride Mobility is dedicated to providing expertly designed, engineered, and tested mobility products that keep you moving. 

About the Pride Lift Chair

The Pride Mobility Lift chair is equipped with a variety of features that make getting on and off the reclining chair a breeze. Its ability to fully recline makes it ideal for napping or relaxing. The recliner has an upward lift that offers a convenient stand assist for better getting in and out of the chair. It has dual pockets that are ideal for storing tv remotes, magazines, books, and more! Lastly, the Pride Mobility Lift Chair has a footrest extension that allows the user to relax and stretch out completely. 

Who is This Lift Chair For? 

This lift chair is ideal for anyone who wants a comfortable and functional reclining chair! However, if you suffer from a medical condition or have limited mobility, the Pride Mobility Lift Chair can make a big difference. It’s a great chair for those who:

  • Have limited mobility due to stroke
  • Have poor balance
  • Have cerebral palsy
  • Have complete or partial paralysis of certain body parts
  • Are pregnant 
  • Are recovering from plastic surgery 

Rent or Buy

Here at Freedom Mobility, we give our customers the option of either buying or renting a Pride Mobility Lift Chair. That means if you have a temporary impairment, are moving soon, or just don’t want the financial commitment of purchasing the Pride Mobility Lift Chair, you can still have it in your home. For a low monthly price, you or your loved ones will be able to enjoy the benefits of a Pride Mobility Lift Chair from Freedom Mobility. 

Try It For Yourself

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a Pride Mobility Lift Chair? The mobility experts at Freedom Mobility are here to help make it happen. Stop by our Hanover, MD showroom to test the chair out for yourself, or give us a call at (443) 342 9839 now to speak to one of our certified Assistive Technology Professionals.

Administrator December 7, 2023
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