What is the Difference Between a Rollator and a Walker?

If you or a loved one need help walking safely, odds are that they’ve heard about getting a walker or a rollator. You may have even heard the terms used interchangeably. The distinction between these two mobility devices can sometimes be hard to understand. Although they are both technically walkers, they both offer different features and capabilities. 

Why Use One in the First Place?

Most people choose to incorporate a walker or a rollator into their daily life for several reasons. Sometimes an individual wants to avoid fatigue while walking. Other times an individual fears that they will fall. Other reasons people choose to use a walker or rollator include difficulty balancing and having weak muscles and/or joints. 

What are the Main Differences?

One of the main differences between a rollator and a walker is the frame. A walker has a metal frame that includes handles. The frame needs to be lifted as the person continues to walk. A rollator, on the other hand, has wheels and doesn’t need to be lifted off the ground while the person is walking. The user pushes the rollator as they are walking. 

Factors to Consider

When deciding on a walker or rollator, you will want to consider a few things. First, consider if the user will have enough upper body strength to move a walker. If they don’t, a walker may not be the best solution. Next, consider the type of terrain you travel on once outside of the house. Some terrain is better for walkers rather than a rollator. Lastly, does the individual have adequate stability? If they need more stability, a rollator may be the best option.

Which is Right For You? 

There are some instances where a walker is a good choice. When a person is deemed incapable of putting enough weight on both legs or has poor balance but is mobile enough to not need a wheelchair, a walker is a great option. It’s an even better option for someone who can’t walk short distances without feeling extremely hobbled. 

A rollator is an ideal choice for someone who can walk but has trouble balancing. Since a rollator doesn’t need to be lifted and can be moved by simply sliding on the floor, people with balance problems will benefit from a rollator. 

Find the Right Walker for You or Your Loved One

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Administrator December 7, 2023
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