Wheelchair Ramp Safety for the Winter Months

Keeping your wheelchair ramps safe is an essential part of the winter season whether the ramp is installed at your business, your home, or anywhere else. Even if you’re only renting the ramp for a little while, making sure that it is safe and accessible for all people who need it is essential. Today we’re going to talk about a few ways that you can make sure that your wheelchair ramp stays safe through the winter months. 

Do You Have What You Need to Succeed?

If the ramp you are using is made of aluminum or wood then it has a high chance of becoming very slippery when it becomes wet with rain, snow, or ice. Without appropriate traction-creating measures, you can cause serious problems for the people who need to use the ramp whether they’re in a wheelchair or not. Ice melts can harm wooden ramps, so avoid using it when you can. However, sand can be very helpful for ramps of all types. Sand or cat litter will provide necessary traction so that everyone who uses the ramp can stay safe. If you own the ramp and would like to add some traction to it, you can use traction paint or sandpaper. Please note that sandpaper should not be left out in the wet, as prolonged exposure to moisture will likely cause failure.

Keep the Surface Clear!

Though snow and ice may pile up over the winter, you should keep the area clear using a broom or a snow shovel. As a rule of thumb, rock salt and other de-icers are damaging to your property whether you’re using them on your ramp, your driveway, or your sidewalks. If you have to use them, make sure to use a calcium or magnesium chloride product. For the most part, these products are easier on your surfaces and safe for kids and pets.

Freedom Mobility Can Help You With Ramps

Whether you’re looking to rent or purchase a wheelchair ramp, you’ve come to the right place. Freedom Mobility has a wide selection of ADA compliant wheelchair ramps that will fit your situation and your patient’s needs. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your concerns with us. We look forward to becoming an extension of your care team.

Madison Wine December 7, 2023
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