Why Consider Aging in Place for Your Senior Loved Ones

According to an AARP survey, roughly 90% of American seniors wish to live at home for as long as possible. In general, seniors prefer aging in place as opposed to facility care, even in cases where physical or cognitive impairments make it difficult to live independently. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to let your loved ones continue to age-in-place, take a look at some of the benefits to consider.

Greater Independence

Seniors who stay in their own homes allow for more independence and freedom than they might have in an assisted living facility or nursing home. That’s because when seniors age in place, they get to experience life on their terms in the house they’ve called home for so many years. They get to control their personal lives, and that can lead to higher levels of happiness, fulfillment, and personal satisfaction. 

Healthier and Safer Environment

Institutional care brings together larger groups of residents to live under one roof. Additionally, there are various staff and caregivers who constantly come in and out of the facility. These factors can lead to the spread of diseases. Studies suggest that viruses and infectious diseases can spread fairly easily in community environments. When your senior ages in place, they aren’t exposed to these health risks. 

Greater Comfort

Who wouldn’t enjoy staying in their home? A person’s home is the most important place in their life since it offers a sense of familiarity, comfort, and security. Plenty of seniors say that their home’s “emotional” value is more important than its monetary value. So instead of having to adapt to a new environment filled with new people or new systems, seniors who age in place can continue to enjoy the comforts they’ve gotten used to in their home. 

Convenience and Cost Savings

Aging in place also offers convenience and cost savings that cannot be found with assisted living facilities. It’s much easier and affordable to take the necessary steps to ensure that your senior can age in place safely. Home care services are typically less expensive than assisted living facility costs. Home care services are also more convenient since your loved one has a much greater level of control over their care and support services. 

Let Us Help Your Senior Age in Place

Freedom Mobility offers a variety of mobility equipment in MD, home care equipment, and home accessibility equipment that can help your loved one age in place safely. 

Administrator December 7, 2023
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