Why Would You Need a Hospital Bed

Hospital beds aren’t just for those who are sick and are in the hospital. These beds offer numerous benefits for those who are recovering from surgery, have trouble getting in and out of bed, and have trouble comfortably positioning themselves in a regular bed. Take a look at some of the other reasons why having a hospital bed at home would make the most sense.

When You Have a Temporary Loss of Mobility

Some injuries or surgeries leave people temporarily impaired. If they live in a multi-leveled house with their bedroom on the second floor, it can be difficult for them to go up the stairs to reach their bed. A hospital bed can be set up on the ground floor so that a person who is recovering won’t have to go up and down stairs to reach their bed.

When You Need Improved Circulation

When people are bedridden for a long period of time, the pressure that their body places on the bed can cause a lot of heat that becomes trapped between the person and the bed. As a result, a person can develop bedsores. A hospital bed allows users to adjust their head and feet position, therefore allowing periodic change to pressure points and improving the user’s blood circulation.

When You Have a Caregiver

Hospital beds make the work of a caregiver easier to do. Caregivers may suffer from extended injury from manually moving patients all day, and in turn, it may negatively affect the quality of a patient’s care. Hospital beds make transferring and repositioning patients easier, which means both the patient and the caregiver will have a more pleasant overall experience.

When You Need a Safer Bed

People who are at risk of falling from a traditional bed, like those suffering from dementia or other cognitive impairments, can benefit from a hospital bed at home. These beds allow caregivers to monitor their patients as well as prevent them from falling out of bed. All hospital beds include adjustable half rails that are designed to keep people in bed.

Maryland Hospital Bed Rentals

No matter if you need a hospital bed for a few weeks or a few months, Freedom Mobility has a hospital bed rental for you. All of our hospital bed rentals are ultra-light, fully electric, and easy to operate. You also receive a comfortable foam mattress with every rental. Contact us today to learn more.

Madison Wine April 23, 2024
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