Will My Home Accommodate a Stairlift

A stairlift is a great addition to many homes. They provide an easy and safe way for people with limited mobility to get up and down stairs. Stairlifts help people maintain their independence, and in turn, remain in their homes longer. Although stairlifts are a great addition to many homes, some homes cannot accommodate one. Check out some of the requirements your home will need to accommodate a stairlift. 

A Nearby Power Outlet

All stairlifts are battery-powered and need to charge continuously. Since that is the case, you will need a nearby power outlet close to your staircase. It needs to be located usually around twenty feet from the top or bottom of the stairs. If there is not an outlet nearby, an electrician can add one closer to the staircase. 

Adequate Staircase Width

Most staircases are wide enough to accommodate a stairlift. The minimum staircase width needed for a stairlift depends on the model you choose and the type of stairs you have. All stairlifts can fit on a standard 36-inch wide staircase, and there are even models that can fit a 28” width straight staircase. For curved staircases, you will need at least 30” of width, depending on the shape of its turn. 

Sufficient Head Clearance

While head clearance isn’t usually an issue in modern homes, it is something to consider before deciding to install a stairlift. If you bump your head on the ceiling when going up and down your stairs, you will likely need to have your stairlift installer take measurements. If you don’t bump your head when you use your staircase, it’s unlikely that head clearance will be a problem.

Space for the Stairlift to Start/Finish

No matter what shape your stairs are, your stairlift will need space to finish at the top and bottom of the stairs so the user can get off safely. The amount of space needed depends on the staircase, but it’s generally recommended to have about 24 to 30 inches of space beyond the bottom step. If you don’t have enough space at the top or bottom of the staircase, you can choose to request a hinge track that flips up, a slide track that glides with the stairlift as it moves up the staircase or install a curved stairlift that allows the chair to be parked around the corner, away from the staircase.

Home Accessibility Equipment For Your Home

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Administrator December 7, 2023
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