Comfortable Recovery: Which Therapeutic Air Mattresses is Right for me?

Whenever we think of our bed, we think of a comfy oasis. However, when most people think of an air mattress, they think of an uncomfortable, temporary bed solution. Not all air mattresses are uncomfortable. High-quality, therapeutic air mattresses are comfortable and aid in recovery. The key to a comfortable and optimal air mattress is knowing which one is right for you. Take a look at the various kinds of air mattresses and determine which one is right for you. 

Prius Salute RDX Mattress System

This air mattress is designed for limited mobility patients who are at medium risk of developing pressure ulcers due to extended bed rest. The air mattress is made with eight-inch cell-in-cell flotation technology. The Prius Salute RDX Mattress system makes it easier for caregivers to provide care, while also providing the patient with the utmost comfort.


PressureGuard APM Bariatric

Specially designed for bariatric patients, the PressureGuard APM Bariatric mattress is an alternating pressure mattress. The top of the mattress has a Geo-Matt anti-shearing layer that forms a comfortable, therapeutic interface between the air system and the patient. The bed can support users up to 750 lbs.

PressureGuard Easy Air LR

This mattress is an all-in-one mattress solution that allows users to customize therapies using three clinically proven modalities. PressureGuard Easy Air LR doesn’t lose air in a power outage and doesn’t “swallow up” users. It’s a great mattress for those recovering from an illness, recovering from surgery, or who have a long-term mobile disability. 

Prius Rhythm Multi

The Prius Rhythm Multi is a high-quality air mattress that can be incorporated into a recovery program for patients who are at risk of developing ulcers. Its air cells have an additional height that enhances dry airflow beneath the patient’s body. The mattress can also simulate the effects of massage therapy by stimulating the skin and increasing blood flow. 

Prius Rhythm Turn

This high-quality air mattress provides patient rotation 24 hours a day. It can slowly, gently, and quietly reposition the user to effectively treat pressure ulcers while also helping to offset the hazards of immobility. It’s an ideal mattress for those at risk of developing pressure ulcers. 

PressureGuard Custom Care Convertible

Want an air mattress that stays constantly filled without power and doesn’t require maintenance? Look no further than the PressureGuard Custom Care Convertible. With an optional convenient control unit, the mattress provides alternating pressure, lateral rotation, and timed auto-firm. 

Still Need Help Deciding?

Freedom Mobility is here to help you choose the right air mattress for you or your loved one. With a wide variety of high-quality air mattresses to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find an air mattress that you love. Contact us today to speak to one of our mobility experts about your options. 

Administrator December 7, 2023
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