Maryland and NOVA Stairlifts

Ensure safe and secure floor-to-floor travel with Freedom Mobility's cutting-edge Maryland and Northern Virginia stairlifts, featuring the Handicare Stairlift line. Our innovative solutions prioritize comfort and safety, reducing slip and fall risks, particularly for seniors. Serving Annapolis, Towson, Owings Mills, Glen Burnie, Hanover, Central Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia we offer affordable stairlift options with tailored features for both adults and children. Choose from various styles to accommodate curved staircases, landings, or retractable seat belts. Explore your mobility options above for the perfect solution!

Plus, with the Freedom Mobility Promise, rest assured that if anything goes wrong, we're here to provide prompt and reliable service. Experience peace of mind and independence with Freedom Mobility today!

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Learn More About Our Stairlift Options

Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts, readily available for immediate installation, offer convenient accessibility solutions for both purchase and rental, specifically designed for staircases without curves or bends, providing a straightforward vertical lift, and best suited for homes with a simple, straight staircase configuration.

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Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are custom solutions that require a special consultation by a Freedom Mobility Tech; specifically crafted for staircases with curves, turns, or intermediate landings, they offer a tailored solution, adapting to the unique layout of curved staircases in homes.

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Outdoor Stairlifts

An Outdoor Stairlift, typically requiring a special order, is built to withstand the elements and is suitable for installation on staircases leading to porches, decks, or outdoor spaces, making it ideal for individuals who require assistance navigating outdoors independently.

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Heavy Duty Stairlifts

A Heavy Duty Stairlift, typically requiring a special order, is designed to accommodate individuals with larger body sizes or higher weight capacities, offering a robust and reliable solution for those who may exceed standard weight limits.

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Alternative Solutions

Freedom Mobility has tons of solutions for tricky staircases like the Slide Track for when your door is obstructed by the stairlift. This unique solution removes the need for a hinge, with the track moving up the staircase simultaneously as the seat, ensuring the doorway at the base of your stairs remains unobstructed. Similar to a powered hinge, the Slide Track functions automatically when activated by the toggle or remote control, providing a seamless experience.

The Slide Track, slightly shorter than the staircase length, moves along with you as you ascend, reaching the top before the stairlift for safe dismounting. Safety sensors at both ends halt the track if encountering obstacles, eliminating the risk of objects getting caught in a hinge, offering enhanced safety compared to traditional systems. Watch the video to learn more!

What is the Process for Straight Stairlift Purchases?

Fill Out the Measurement Form

For a quicker turnaround, simply fill out the self-service measurement form, or schedule a tech to come out and assist you.

Review Your Quote and Pay

 Next, review your Freedom Mobility Straight Stairlift Quote and proceed to pay your deposit to secure your installation.

Schedule Install and Prep

Schedule your installation with a Freedom Mobility Technician and ensure your stairs are clear of any belongings to facilitate a smooth process.

Delivery & Install of Your Stairlift

A Freedom Mobility technician will arrive on your scheduled date to install your straight stairlift efficiently and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stairlifts

Stairlifts are motorized devices attached to a rail along the stairs. They operate with a chair or platform that moves along the rail, allowing individuals to travel between floors effortlessly.

Yes, stairlifts are designed with safety in mind. They come equipped with features such as seat belts, sensors, and smooth start-stop mechanisms to ensure a secure and comfortable ride for both seniors and children.

Stairlifts are versatile and can be installed on various staircase designs, including curved staircases, those with landings, and straight stairs. Customization options are available to accommodate different layouts. 

Yes, professional installation is recommended to ensure the stairlift is properly fitted and functions correctly. This helps guarantee user safety and optimal performance. Stairlift technicians are typically trained and certified from the manufacturer.

Regular maintenance, typically performed by professionals, is advisable to keep the stairlift in excellent condition. This may include checking components, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring electrical systems are functioning correctly.

Yes, Freedom Mobility offers stairlifts for rent in addition to purchase options in the rental shop. This provides flexibility for individuals who may only need a stairlift temporarily.  

Many stairlift models come with battery backup systems, allowing them to continue operating during power outages. This ensures users won't be stranded on the stairs in case of an electricity disruption.

If your staircase includes a split-level landing, the stairlift solution will depend on the specific layout. In such cases, you may require either two straight stairlifts, each serving a different section, or a curved stairlift designed to navigate the split-level seamlessly. Our experts at Freedom Mobility Solutions can assess your staircase configuration to recommend the most suitable and efficient solution for your split-level landing, ensuring optimal mobility and safety.  

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Customer Reviews for our Stairlifts

Chris at freedom mobility solutions did an amazing job in installing the stairlift and walking me through the instructions. He had to do extra effort given the nature of stairs. He was very professional in taking care of it and ensured the place is left clean and tidy after the installation. Great service, highly recommend it!
Stairlift Installation Oct. 2023

Great company to work with. Laurie was kind, knowledgeable and quick to get my stair lift scheduled for install. Chris did an amazing job installing. He was friendly and cleaned up any mess he made and went through and showed me how everything worked before he left. Great company! Highly recommend!!
Kristin C.
Stairlift Installation Sept. 2023

Jimmy is a 5 star asset to your company. He was most gracious and helpful making me feel very comfortable using the lift. He was always on time and a perfect gentleman. Thank You very much. I will recommend you to all in need.
Regina M.
Stairlift Installation May 2023